Black Cat gets fucked in all holes by Goblin, Octopus and Venom!

Spiderman Xxx Hentia

Hentai Picture: Black Cat gets fucked in all holes by Goblin, Octopus and Venom!
Get sight at how heavy-gauge SpiderMan steadies got mangy with in sores, heat-drops, juice and are led everyway of bouncing fuck-fests. Have you ever thought of how pretty hot babe Black Cat would look with her grand boobs released from the power of the bra? SpiderMan characters get back with a bunch of new sex episodes that will render your prick rock hard…

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Mary Jane Watson like bi-racial hump

Spiderman And Hermionie Hentai

Hentai Picture: Mary Jane Watson like bi-racial hump
Have you ever thought of looking secretly at Mary Jane Watson’s almost naked image where she pets her pinkish glittering with moisture slit? You’ve often craved to catch a glimpse of SpiderMan bitches who enjoy fucking more than anything else! Nicely equipped slut from SpiderMan is wreathing under heavy pussy assault in the entry…

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SpiderMan Porn Story: spidey 9

SpiderMan Porn Story: spidey 9

Felicia Hardy was impressed with the site of Peter’s new apartment. It was enormous and the rent was obviously expensive. By the look of things, they were doing very good in their new line of work. She was even more impressed when she saw they’re ‘maid’. She felt a tingling down in her loins and smirked, giving the maid a wink. Her smirk turned into a grin as she saw the girl blush and turn away. Felicia’s eyes wandered down to her ass, nicely accented in the French maid outfit she wore. Hopefully, she’d be able to get better aquainted with the young woman later; after her job was done.

Mary Jane came out of the bedroom wearing a semi-transparent, white lace teddy. She grinned as she saw Felicia and Peter. She walked up to Peter and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a deep kiss. Felicia watched as the two tongue wrestled. Peter seemed a little on edge. She figured it was because he was thinking about what they’d done less then ten minutes earlier. Poor Spider, she thought, continuing to watch them kiss. She could tell it was eating him up inside, what he’d done. And she also knew the only reason he’d gone through with it was because of what his wife was doing. Part of her despised MJ for that. A bigger part of her was just glad she could get something out of the whole arrangement. She glanced over at the maid again and smiled. Maybe a whole lot of something.

Peter and MJ’s kiss finally broke and the red-head turned to Felicia, giving her a large smile. “Hello, Felicia,” she said. “How are you?”

The Black Cat nodded and smirked. “Very well. And you?”

“Never better,” she replied. “You feeling… frisky?” She raised an eyebrow at the silver-haired woman. Felicia took in the expressions on her face, reading them like a book. She’d seen the look before, with previous lovers, both male and female. It was a mixture of unrelenting horniness and obsession. Mary Jane had opened a door in her sex life, and she liked what was on the other side. Perhaps even loved it, more then her husband, more then anything. She was quickly becoming an addict to sex and different sexual experiences. The tapes, and moreso, what was in them, was proof enough. Felicia wondered how far she’d go, when and if it would stop, and if Peter would get hurt in the process. If he was, she’d make sure she’d be there to pick up the pieces.

“Always feeling frisky, Red,” she finally replied.

MJ’s expression brightened even more. “Great!” She turned to Peter. “You’ll get the camera ready. We can start with a little solo me.” She turned back to Felicia. “Then you can come in and we can get down to some real business. Good?”

The Black Cat and Spider-Man both nodded. Peter moved off to the bedroom to set the camera up. “Give me, say, five minutes to warm up the audience, then come on in.” Felicia nodded again and Mary Jane turned and hurried off into the bedroom as well. 

Felicia smirked and thought about how she was going to rock her world. She caught site of the maid again and got her attention. “Hey, cutie. What’s your name?” She watched as the young woman blushed again.

“Serena,” the maid replied. “I’m a friend of MJ’s and I’m also sort of dating Ben.”

“Really?” Felicia said, frowning a little. “So, I guess you wouldn’t be interested in a little girl-girl action, huh?”

The brunette’s eyes widened with surprise. “What? You mean… you and me?” The Black Cat nodded, a smirk forming on her face. Serena grinned. “That’d be great! I’ve always been a fan of yours.”

“Well, I always like to please my fans,” she said, giving the girl a wink. She looked over at the clock on the wall and decided she’d been waiting long enough. She walked over to the bedroom door and pushed it open, looking through. There was Peter, running the camera, aiming it at his wife who was spread out on the bed, her legs apart, and one of her hands rubbing at herself furiously. She smirked and saw it as her perfect chance for an entrance.

The Black Cat shuffled into frame, giving the audience a great view of her spandex- covered ass. “You look like you could use some help there, girl,” she said in a sultry tone. She ran her hands over her body, encompasing her breasts and giving them both a little squeeze. “Maybe I can help.”

Mary Jane’s eyes were filled with lust as she looked up at Felicia. “Oh, thank God you got here, Cat,” she said, her voice filled with wanting. “I don’t know how long I could last by myself. I was going crazy.”

Felicia moved over to the bed. “Well, let me see what I can do about pushing you over the edge.” She climbed onto the bed and crawled up to MJ, leaning into her and kissing her on the lips. MJ kissed back, bringing her arms around Felicia and running her hands through her silver hair. The two girls made out for a couple minutes, exploring each others mouths with their tongues. The Cat’s hands moved to MJ’s chest and started to rub her tits. She pulled the fabric of her teddy down, exposing her sensitive flesh and pinched at her nipples. The redhead let out a moan into the Cat’s mouth and arched her back a bit.

Their kiss broke finally and the Black Cat moved her head down to MJ’s large breasts. She sucked one of her nipples into her mouth and started to nibble on it, causing the sensitive area to grow hard. She continued to play with MJ’s other nipple with her left hand, pinching and twisting it, making the woman groan with pleasure. Mary Jane moved her hands over Felicia’s back, moving downwards and gripping her full, round ass, giving it a squeeze. The butt caressing and tit sucking kept up for a few minutes, with moans coming from both women.

The Black Cat sat up, looking down at her lover, and started to slide out of her costume, revealing her athletic body. Mary Jane watched Felicia start to strip and did so herself, slipping the teddy up past her sweaty, saliva covered breasts and over her head. MJ was naked by the time Felicia was only half undressed, being as her skintight outfit was a bit more tricky to take off. The redhead sat up as well and helped the other woman undress. As she did, MJ leaned forward and began to suckle on one of the Cat’s breasts. Felicia put her hands on the back of MJ’s head, running her fingers through her hair and pulling her closer to her chest. Mary Jane’s hands moved down to where the Cat’s costume was still halfway up her long legs and began to push it the rest of the way down.

It wasn’t long before both women were completely naked, with the exception of Felicia’s mask. MJ pushed her down onto the bed and straddled her. She leaned down and kissed her on the lips again and two’s tongues meet once more. MJ’s hands began caressing the silver-haired woman’s tits, while Felicia’s gripped the redhead’s ass firmly. After a minute or so of more kissing between the two, the Black Cat pushed Mary Jane off of her and laid her on her back again. She quickly moved over top of her and gave her a wide smile before leaning down and sticking her tongue out, running it over the center of her chest. She started moving lower, down MJ’s body, dragging her tongue along the way, between her tits, over her slim stomach, and finally reaching the small patch of red hair and the wet slit that lay between her legs.

Mary Jane tilted her head back and moaned as Felicia began to eat her out with a degree of skill she’d never experienced before. The woman’s tongue flicked over her clit at a dizzying speed, and then suddenly dipped into her snatch. She’d never felt a tongue seem to penetrate her so deeply before and wondered just how big the Cat’s tongue was. MJ grasped her own tits, squeezing them, and pinching her nipples. She gasped and moaned louder as she felt the Cat’s fingers start to probe her cunt. She felt two of them slide in and out of her as the tongue went back to licking her clit. MJ’s head went back, moaning louder and louder until she finally let out a piercing scream as she came. Felicia smiled and licked up the honey leaking out of Mary Jane. She crawled back up and presented the redhead with her wet, sticky fingers. “Want a taste?” she asked with a large smile on her face. MJ smiled back and took the Cat’s fingers into her mouth, sucking her own juices off of them.

“Delicious!” Mary Jane told her. “I think I’d like to test a little bit more of that.” And then she moved her head upwards and kissed Felicia again, just as deeply as the last times. MJ’s hand moved down, between the Cat’s legs, feeling her smooth, hairless pussy. She slipped one of her fingers into her and started to pump it in and out of the woman. Felicia ground her hips downward onto Mary Jane’s hand as the redhead added two more fingers. MJ fucked the Black Cat with her fingers, thrusting them up into her as she humped down onto them. Sweat was covering both of their bodies as the silver-haired woman moaned loudly. She arched back, thrusting her tits outward and cried out as she came all over Mary Jane’s hand. MJ pulled her hand away from the Cat’s pussy and licked at the juices. She held her hand up to Felicia, offering her a taste. The Cat enthusiastically cleaned Mary Jane’s hand with her tongue. After she finished, both women were sweaty, tired, and content. Felicia moved off of Mary Jane and lay next to her, snuggling up close. The film ended.

“That was amazing!” Mary Jane said, beaming at Felicia. “Oh my god… that’s the best head I’ve ever gotten in my life!” She didn’t notice the hurt expression on Peter’s face, but the Cat did. She didn’t say anything about it though, simply smiled and nodded.

“Yes, it was a lot of fun,” Felicia said. “I’m sure it’ll be a… big hit with your fans.” She looked over at Peter again and saw that through his hurt look, she could also spot how horny he was. Obviously, watching MJ and her have sex had turned him on immensely. She smirked. “For now, I think I’ll let you and Spider have some fun of your own. I know my way out.” She gathered up her costume and slid it back on then left the bedroom. As she did, she spotted Serena, who had her back to her. She moved up to her, silently, and reached around her, gripping her breasts and pulling the brunette’s body close to her own, letting their curves meet and press against each other. She heard the maid gasp in surprise and pleasure and leaned forward, kissing along her neck. “I’ve had my fun with your friend. Now what about you?”

Serena nodded and led Felicia into her room without speaking a word. She shut the door behind them and then turned to her. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment since I first heard about you,” Serena told the Cat. “I… never thought I’d have the chance.”

“Well, you do now,” Felicia replied. “Better make the most of it.” The two kissed, a bit more tenderly then the Cat had kissed Mary Jane. Their hands explored each other’s bodies, slowly and gently. There wasn’t the same haste as there seemed to be with Mary Jane. They took it slow and easy with sensual kisses and caresses. They lay down on the bed and just made out for a long time, with their hands running over each other, before they even started to undress. Once they did, their hands and lips started to explore all over again, this time on bare flesh. Felicia’s head wound up between Serena’s legs and she began licking her slit, coaxing her into an orgasm. Once Serena had cum, the Cat gave her a final kiss, then got off the bed and once again put on her costume. 

Serena looked a bit disappointed. “Don’t you want me to get you off, too?” she asked.

Felicia smiled at the girl and shook her head. “I just got off not too long ago. I’m still very content. Although, I have no doubts that you could make me cum very hard.” She gave Serena a suggestive wink. “Maybe next time, huh?”

Serena visibly brightened. “Sure, definitely!”

The Black Cat grinned, adjusted her costume, and left the Parker’s apartment. As she did, she could hear the moans and grunts coming from Peter and MJ’s room. At least she was still fucking him, she thought. How long would that last?

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SpiderMan Porn Story: spidey 3

SpiderMan Porn Story: spidey 3

The movie opened on Mary Jane laying on the bed, wearing a very revealing nightgown. She moved her hands over herself, grabbing and caressing various areas. She let out a slight moan as she did this, and almost absentmindedly moved a hand between her legs and started to rub herself. 

“God, I’m so fucking horny,” MJ said as she rubbed herself. “I’m so tired of just laying around fingering my wet hole with no one to play with.” 

Just then, through the window, rather magnificently and as if on cue, Spider- Man swung. He landed beside the bed and looked over at Mary Jane. “Did I hear the plea of a horny woman?” 

MJ smiled up at Spidey, batting her eyes at him. “You sure did. I’m so glad you came by tonight, Spider-Man. It’s been so long since your last visit. I was beginning to think you didn’t like having sex with me anymore.” She mock pouted. 

Spidey shook his head. “Not at all, you goddess of love. I’ve just been busy fighting with Rhino. I came as soon as I could.” 

Her expression turned to worry. “Rhino? Are you hurt?” 

“Nothing a little loving can’t fix,” Spidey said, laughing. 

“Well, let’s stop talking about it and start doing it,” MJ grabbed the bottom of her night gown and pulled it over her head, revealing her naked body underneath. She lay back and spread her legs at Spidey. “I’ve been waiting too long as it is.” 

Spider-Man proceeded to take off all but his mask, then moved over to the bed where MJ was laying. He positioned his rock hard cock at the entrance of her pussy and thrust forward. Mary Jane let out a moan of pleasure and reached her hands around, grabbing Spidey’s ass and pulling him into her more. “I love the way you feel inside me!” she cried out, feeling inch after inch of his dick slide into her. 

Spidey began to move back and forth, working up a good rhythm as well as some good moaning. After a little bit, Mary Jane grabbed Spidey and pulled him on top of her. She rolled over so she was on top of him. The only problem was she was facing away from the camera, so she turned around on Peter’s cock and started bouncing up and down. Her large tits began to bounce with her, moving up and then slapping back down against her chest. She was feeling the eye of the camera recording every inch of her again, and it was making her horniness level vastly increase.

There was something about having the camera watch her that made her want to fuck as hard as she could. Then she thought about all the people who would buy this tape and watch her doing this, and her pace and ferocity increased even more. She felt Peter’s cock slamming into her with great force and she heard her own voice, louder then it had ever been before, moaning and crying out like a possessed woman. She felt her cunt tingling with the growing of an orgasm. 

With every downward bounce, she expected herself to cum, but she didn’t. The feeling just grew and grew. Finally, it exploded, and MJ froze in mid-bounce. She couldn’t even scream, the pleasure was too great. She just gasped, her eyes wide, sweat pouring down her naked flesh. Her vaginal muscles spasmed and clenched Peter’s rod tightly. 

Then Mary Jane felt the warmth of his seed shooting up into her and she came again, just as hard. This caused another gasp, followed by a long, low moan. As she moaned, MJ slumped down and rolled off of Spidey. She turned back around and crawled over to him slowly, severely weakened from the double climax. She reached for his mask and pulled it up enough to reveal his mouth, then pulled him to her and planted a passionate kiss on his lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth. She broke off the kiss then laid beside him and fell into a fitful sleep. 

Spidey pulled his mask back down and got off the bed. He covered Mary Jane with a blanket, finished redressing in his costume, then left through the window once again. Peter decided to take a swing around the neighborhood to think. He was amazed at the sexual frenzy MJ had gone into while they had made love. He wondered what exactly had caused it. He didn’t know. All he did know, was that he liked it a lot, and that it would make them a lot of money.

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Black Cat invited few Marvel babes to have some lesbian fun


Hentai Picture: Black Cat invited few Marvel babes to have some lesbian fun
Here is a top quality SpiderMan site catering to long time viewers and newcomers… Black Cat gets screwed like she got nothing to lose taking cock in her firm bum and leaky cock pit. Today SpiderMan chicks will face the biggest and stiffest rods that will screw each cum hole of their hot selves…

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Spider-futa is hooting in all directions!

SpiderMan Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Spider-futa is hooting in all directions!
You may have though you’ve seen great SpiderMan before, you’d be surprised to find a collection of high quality content all in one spot… A whore from SpiderMan double-penetrated by a pair of monstrous pussy-diggers that spatter her hot face with warm and sticky jizz! The chick hops on her fucker-s prick while blowing off another eager beaver…

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Black Cat shows her pretty tight cunt

Spiderman Venom Hentai

Hentai Picture: Black Cat shows her pretty tight cunt
By the way,by the bye, it is not an SpiderMan intercourse one can spot in this picture? Nubile Black Cat posing naked and getting pumped with a semi see-through dildo! SpiderMan guarantees access to protected and upgraded fucking for every citizen and females are no exception.

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Dark-hued Cat showcases her immense tits

Spiderman And Black Cat Hentai

Dark-hued Cat showcases her immense tits
Some of those Spider-man characters that cannot hold back unleashing their overmastering lust any more and get into those tit-bouncing pranks!. Sexy cum-loving piece is showing her skills in Spider-man XXX slamming her ass down on this thick and powerful dick to start with and then being squeezed with the same rotator in the lying position! Black Cat See and the famous toon sex pastimes released for you by 😉

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Black Cat shows her massive melons

Spiderman Hentai

Black Cat shows her massive melons
We are anxious to get something big inside this curvaceous Spider-man whore featuring a hot pair of ass cheeks and a cock-starved pussy 😉 The most responsible part for cock-loving cuties from Black Cat’s toon and is to be engaged in wild banging parties with perverse males provide their tight fuck holes! Spider-man hentai personages ae here anew with detailed pictorial fuck reports that will get your cock hardened…

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Black Cat likes to get on high ground so no one could distract her from masturbating…

Spiderman Drawn Sex

Black Cat likes to get on high ground so no one could distract her from masturbating…
Whores from Spider-man series are waiting for it waiting to get their brains fucked out ready to suck, to be stuffed and to cum!. Black Cat Here for you is a hot instance and of totally frenzied lewd that are fucking. I’ve always dreamed to see the Spider-man XXX teens who just cannot go on unfucked above all.

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