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Spiderman Hentai Story: "Ultimate threesome"

It’s the little things in life that you have to appreciate. Uncle Ben taught me that. He taught me a lot, a lot about responsibility, a lot about life. One of those lessons was “Sometimes, you have to be irresponsible. It keeps the rest in perspective.”

Contradict yourself often, big guy?

* * * * *

So there we were. Gwen, MJ and me, finally friends again.

Gwen back dove onto my bed, ten-mile smile on her face, “And now that I know I’m like- “Oh, now I get it. Now I see why Peter’s such a total flakeball.””

Gwen had just discovered I’m Spider-Man and came to terms with the fact that Spider-Man did not kill her father. I just wish she could’ve done it without pointing a gun in my face. And she calls me a flakeball? Still she has a point, “Exactly.”

MJ sat on the edge of my bed, a mischievous smile on her relieved face. “He was like this before.”

“No before I was a dork… Now I’m mysterious.”

“Yeah, whatever.” MJ quipped. I’m sure that to her I’m an open book. You can’t hide much from the girl who sows your tights.

For once I lay back and relax, thinking about how lucky I am. I’m alive. MJ loves me. Gwen doesn’t want to kill me anymore. Even Aunt May has been lightening up a little bit.

Gwen folds her arms behind her head, talking at the ceiling. “Your such a good guy, Peter. I swear to God. I don’t know how you can possibly put up with half the crap of what you do.”

“I need a psychiatrist.”

Gwen chuckles a little, “No. I need a psychiatrist.”

MJ leaned back, resting her head on my stomach. “I Continue reading

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