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Spiderman Hentai Story: "Spidey 8"

It had been a week since Serena Jensen had come to live with Mary Jane, Peter, and Ben. In that time, she’d been told about Peter and Ben’s secret, night time activites fighting crime and she seemed alright with it. She had promised to keep her lips sealed and not spill the secret to anyone. It didn’t take long for her and Ben to get together and now they shared a bedroom. The sounds of the two fucking were frequently heard throughout the apartment. Occasionally, Serena and MJ would get together for some fun of their own and what Serena had yet to tell MJ was that she had had sex with Peter the other night. She didn’t think she’d mind, but Peter had sworn her to secrecy so she kept her mouth shut.

Mary Jane’s movies had been selling incredibly well, they hadn’t really slowed down since they first started putting them out. If it kept up, as much money as they were making, they wouldn’t have to do anything else again. Unless, of course, they wanted to. That’s how the third movie came about. Peter and Ben were off fighting crime one night, and MJ and Serena were sitting around in front of their new computer, checking email. Mary Jane got tons of it now, filled with all sorts of things. Fantasies with her as the star, naked pictures from her male, and female, fans, compliments on how beautiful she was, and also requests for who she should ‘do’ next.

Most of them were totally impossible, being as they involved Spider-Man’s villains. She tried to hide a blush as she read about someone wanting to see her and Venom hook up. Too bad there wasn’t a camera present for that, she thought. She’d have loved to w Continue reading

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Spiderman Hentai Story: "Spidey 9"

Felicia Hardy was impressed with the site of Peter’s new apartment. It was enormous and the rent was obviously expensive. By the look of things, they were doing very good in their new line of work. She was even more impressed when she saw they’re ‘maid’. She felt a tingling down in her loins and smirked, giving the maid a wink. Her smirk turned into a grin as she saw the girl blush and turn away. Felicia’s eyes wandered down to her ass, nicely accented in the French maid outfit she wore. Hopefully, she’d be able to get better aquainted with the young woman later; after her job was done.

Mary Jane came out of the bedroom wearing a semi-transparent, white lace teddy. She grinned as she saw Felicia and Peter. She walked up to Peter and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a deep kiss. Felicia watched as the two tongue wrestled. Peter seemed a little on edge. She figured it was because he was thinking about what they’d done less then ten minutes earlier. Poor Spider, she thought, continuing to watch them kiss. She could tell it was eating him up inside, what he’d done. And she also knew the only reason he’d gone through with it was because of what his wife was doing. Part of her despised MJ for that. A bigger part of her was just glad she could get something out of the whole arrangement. She glanced over at the maid again and smiled. Maybe a whole lot of something.

Peter and MJ’s kiss finally broke and the red-head turned to Felicia, giving her a large smile. “Hello, Felicia,” she said. “How are you?”

The Black Cat nodded and smirked. “Very well. And you?”

“Never better,” she replied. “You feeling… frisky?” She raised an eyebrow at the silver-haired woman. Felicia took in the expressions on her face, reading them like a book. She’d seen the look bef Continue reading

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Spider-man/Avengers: Juice – Part 3

Chapter Three

Peter was dreaming of having more sexy with his Co-Avengers. He could feel one of them on his cock, riding it like she was a cowgirl. He could see her breasts bouncing. But the faces seemed to shift through the different Avengers he wanted. Then he woke up, to the wonderful sight of bouncing breasts coming into sight. With eyes closed to enjoy the feeling of her cunt full of his cock, he watched Wanda smile as she could feel him build his pressure.

Peter just reached up and started to play with his lover’s breasts. Her eyes opened as she saw Peter waking up. Looking at him she said, “I thought that you needed a special wake up call.”

“Or perhaps you can’t get enough of me? Or you want to get yourself pregnant with my Spider sperm?” Peter said as his lips moved to her lean body. Kissing it softly as he waited for his moment.

“Why can’t it be all of the above, baby?” She asked as she moaned out an orgasm. Seeing that Wanda had just gotten her pleasure from him, he had decided that it was his turn to get his rocks off in her. So he released the cum from his prick. It shot off like it was under pressure. Wanda twitched with pleasure as she came again from his cuming. She moved to kiss him which turned into a playful nibbling of each others lips as they played with each other.

Peter broke it off to ask a question of Wanda. “Since Janet picked you as the next woman I was to seduce into my little group, I was wondering who you might want to include in our love nest?” Peter had decided to continue his game of having his lovers picking out his next conquest. It was fun to see who the women would choose. Seeing a little bit of their desires for their fellow Avenger girls..

“Well, there’s ple Continue reading

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Amazing porn adventures of Spider-man!

Gwen Stacy took Spiderman’s dick like a pro. She was back against the alley wall as Spiderman pummeled her with his huge cock. Gwen Stacy’s big tits swung freely as her legs wrapped around Spiderman’s back. Her hips gyrated up and down as spiderman thrust into her receiving pelvis. Stacy’s hips ground into Spiderman’s dick. Her pussy wrapped around his cock milky it as the hot rod pulled in and out sucking her pussy lips with it as it moved. Gwen’s black high heel rubbed against the back of Spiderman’s head as she purred. His dick thrust hard and repeatedly making Gwen gasp. She wanted this dick she needed this dick. Gwen had come out in the alley precisely for that reason she wanted to be fucked like the dirty slut she was by some big black gang members, but this was much better. Her pussy burned like it hand’t burned since back in the 8th grade giving flash johnson head. Gwen thrust as hard into Spiderman’s dick as she could she met each of his heroic packed punches with one of her own hot pussy kisses. If there was a heroic power of being a ho Gwen Stacy had it. ( Probably followed or to be competed with by Mrs. Mary jane) Gwen eyed the criminals lying in the alley many of them were stroking there hard on in the dark corner watching as Spiderman fucked the blonde beauty. Gwen would fuck everyone of them after Spiderman left. They would beat the shit out of her pussy with their dicks as punishment for what Spiderman did to their self esteem. She would be thrown on a dirty mat and chain fucked in the alley for hours.Women would stop by and piss on her face like the dirty slut she was. The crocked cops would stick their batons up her pussy while the fucked her milky white as spanking it hard, and pulling on her swollen pick nipples. Gwen orgasmed hard against Spiderman’s cock as she fantasied about what would soon happen to her small pink pussy and anus.


Spi Continue reading

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Great image of Mary Jane Watson getting naked in her bedroom!

Spectacular Spiderman Cartoon Porn

Another sexy starlet from Spider-man tv-show sports an awesome pair of tits to show us and she never says “no” to anyone with a hard cock… It is only too evident that lusty Spider-man sex chicks haven’t been poked for too long!! Mary Jane Watson Another sexy starlet from series got those perfect big boobs to bring to our view ;)

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Spiderman Sex Adventures: Mary Jane

peter rolled over and looked at his gorgeous wife mary jane. her red hair shone in the early morning light. Peter watched her breath as her incredible 36 d tits slightly moved up and down beneath the sheets. Peter laid back and thought of having sex with his beautiful wife. His 8 inch cock began to harden as he thought about mary jane. Peter slide back the covers on mary jane and began rubbing her massive tits through her bra. Mary Jane sighed deeply in her sleep. Slowly peter pulled down her black lacy bra and began to swirl his finger around her tit. Mary Jane’s tits were huge but didn’t sag. Peter leaned in and began sucking on her fat pink nipple. She had sexy brown aeroles that were just the right size. Mary janes nipple hardened in peters mouth and he bit down sofly. Mary jane still asleep let out a small gasp. Peter began to stroke his throbbing dick as he sucked on mary janes nipple. His tip began to throb and a small trail of pre cum began to leak from the massive purpling head. Peter could hold back no longer as he pulled back the covers completely and mounted mary jane putting his dick over his sleeping wifes face. Mary Jane awoke with a shock then smiled and said “Good morning tiger i can see someone is up”. Mary jane liked the tip of peters dick and moaned. “i was having the best dream of u fucking me”. mary jane said. Mary jane began to suck peters cock she wrapped a hand around his tool while her tongue ran deep circles around peters head. Mary jane began forcing all of peters cock down her throat. she gagged on his huge cock. Peter began face fucking mary jane. Her huge tiptoes bounced up and down as peter fucked her face. Peter let out a loud moan as he began to shoot a huge load down mary janes throat. Mary jane swallowed a few times then opened her mouth with remaining cum in it and showed peter. Mary Jane Continue reading

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Spider-Woman and Black Cat want Spidey’s cock… and today they want it at the same time!

Spiderman Hentai

Insatiable teens from Spider-man tv-show cannot wait to get right to it eager to have their pussies pumped eager to taste off some dicks to be stuffed and to cum!… Spider-man XXX grants your admittance to protected and upgraded fucking for every citizen and including the ladies. I had this fantasy to witness the and sluts who just cannot go on unfucked above all…

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See how Spiderman and Wolverine fucking blond girl on the floor

Spiderman  hentaiHell, this is an awesome Spiderman XXX scene! Spiderman porn heroes might look sexy, but be ready to observ their private life. Imagine your popular making amoral sex acts… it is drawn fine enough it can make your body ejaculate all night long.

Katherine Heigl sex parodies

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Spiderman masturbate while thinking of Mary Jane Watson

Spiderman  hentaiGet ready to watch some Spiderman cartoon sex pics from my private stash! Main hero from Spiderman hentai slams her throat on Mary Jane Watson’s strap-on dildo and moves the horny hero to top pleasure… Beautiful Spiderman hentai characters try having cartoon sex when their ordinary filming work is done…

Star Wars

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See how Spiderman fucks Arachne’s tight ass

Now it’s time to show you some cool picture! Nude Spiderman hentai kittens, these graceful sex addicted sluts come together for the most dissolute Spiderman sex fuck orgy you’ve ever met!!! Arachne went crazy. She thrusts her light between her legs and got endless wave of delight and pleasure from it…

Free Hentai

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