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Spiderman porn Story: “Spidey 5″

Spidey and Scarlet Spider had done a patrol around the city and had returned back to Peter’s apartment. They’d gotten changed back into normal street clothes and were in the kitchen, having some beers and discussing several different topics, but mostly Mary Jane.

“Damn, Pete,” Ben said. “You never told me she could use her mouth like that. That’s about the best head I’ve gotten.”

Peter smirked. “Yea, only better I’ve gotten is –“

“Black Cat,” Ben cut him off, nodding. “Yea, me too.” He grinned.

They were just finishing up their beers when MJ shuffled out, still totally naked and half-asleep. She seemed a little surprised to see the both of them and moved in between them to get to the fridge. She opened it up and got herself a beer, then hopped up on the counter and twisted the cap off, taking a drink. She looked from Pete to Ben and back again and smirked.

“You guys are too damn identical,” she said, causing them all to laugh. After the laughter faded, she looked at them both seriously. “Wanna test how identical you guys are?”

They both looked at her, a little confused. “What do you mean?” Peter asked.

She gave a naughty smirk. “I mean… you guys get naked and I put on a blind fold… then I try to guess who’s who.”

Ben grinned at this. “Sounds good to me.” He looked over at his ‘twin’. “What about you, Pete?”

Peter was a bit unsure about it. It was seeming like making the tapes were causing MJ’s libido to come fully to life, which was kind of exciting, but at the same time it was making her want to try new things. He shrugged it off. Ben was essentially himself, only with slight differences, so it wouldn& Continue reading

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Even if she is not naked Black Cat is still one of the hottest Marvel’s girls!

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Looks like tonight Mary Jane Watson will not be saved from a rapist by Spider-man…

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See how nude and sexy Queen rides on Spidey’s cock!

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Mary Jane Watson steals Spiderman’s costume and put it on herself!

The Spiderman Sex Posistion

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Why Mary Jane Watson loves uperhero Spiderman? Because of super sex!

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Even in Spiderman’s costume MJ has the best ass of all comics!

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Mary Jane Watson is Spiderman’s girl with sexy butt…

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See how Spiderman and Wlverine fuck blond girl!

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