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SpiderMan Porn Story: Ultimate threesome continued…

SpiderMan Porn Story: Ultimate threesome continued…

By the time I was capable of standing, Gwen had on her panties and the button up shirt that MJ ditched before. She let it hang open in the front, showing off her abs and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. MJ turned the radio down. Thank God, the lack of oxygen in my brain was giving me enough of a headache. I didn’t need Jessica Simpson helping it out.


“Okay, I got a case of the munchies. You guys want anything?” Gwen asked, heading for the door.




“Cool.” Gwen left, closing the door behind her.


MJ basically jumped in my lap. “Oh my God! That was so funny!”


“Yeah, that was pretty good.” I agreed but I didn’t like the show for same reason that she did.


“You don’t sound very convinced.”


“What? I’m a red-blooded American boy, having a girl strip in my bedroom has been one of my fantasies since I started puberty.” That one got a chuckle out of MJ.


“No, seriously Peter. What did you think?”


“I’m not a dance critic, MJ.”


“No. I mean…” Oh boy, she was doing her ‘swallow and look at the floor’ thing. That always meant deep thoughts. Finally she looked up at me with her big green eyes, “I mean do you think she’s sexy?”


Ut-oh… how do you answer this one and not get in trouble?


“Peter, I just want to know if that’s the type of thing you’re into?”


“You mean Gwen or strippers in general?”


“Never mind.” She turns away from me. I hate it when she does this. How the hell am I supposed to read her mind? The spider bite didn’t give me that power. Maybe if I was bitten by a bald guy in a wheelchair…


MJ opens the bag of weed, pinching it out onto the rolling paper.


“Have you ever done that before?




“So how’d you learn.”


“I just watched Gwen do it four times. I’m stoned not stupid.” MJ picks up the lighter and sparks up the joint. The sweat pungent odor filled the air again.


I was trying to think of something to say. Luckily MJ did it for me.




“What?” the second I opened my mouth she was on me, pinning me to the bed and forcing her tongue between my lips… well not really forcing… I thought we were kissing but the second I breathed in she blew marijuana smoke into my lungs.


I felt like I was gonna choke. Or at least cough. That went away after a few seconds of Mary Jane kissing me. Sometimes I feel like I could kiss her forever. I’m not sure if the smoke was making me light-headed or if I was intoxicated from Mary Jane (the girl, not the drug).


She kissed me deep and long, pressing her tight little body up against mine. Her hands were all over me, driving me wild with desire. My body craved hers, yearning like a prisoner for freedom. My mind was on fire, I couldn’t think of anything except Mary Jane. I was loosing control of myself and that was okay. It was more powerful than any drug, more powerful then biology or chemistry could explain. Our souls touched. She fed off my fear, replacing it with her reassuring grace. I took in her pain, leaving love in the vacuum. We completed each other, yin and yang, each finding balance and harmony in the others strength and weakness. Love is too weak a word.


After an eternity lost in the mysteries of Mary Jane, I peeked and saw we had a voyeur. Gwen sat in the corner, smoking the joint MJ had rolled. She didn’t leer, she didn’t snicker or stare, she sat there with a serene smile, a look of ultimate contentment. She bore silent witness to the growing flame between myself and my soul mate.


Mary Jane cupped my face with her gentle hands, her lips finally breaking contact with mine. I held her in my arms. She looked at me with her big green eyes. “Tonight… Peter… I love you… I think its time we… we’re doing it tonight…”


I couldn’t say anything. I was in absolute agreement. Aunt May was out. We knew how each other felt, the love between us is palpable. I never brought up the subject of sex. I knew Mary Jane would tell me when she was ready. Finally, she was.


The creak of my bedroom door brought us both to reality. Mary Jane rose to her knees, I sat up. Gwen stood at the door, her discarded clothes in her hands. She looked at us apologetically, “I’ll give you guys some privacy.”




It was a simple word. Four letters. Its implications I could not comprehend. Mary Jane gazed at me, her emerald eyes filled with nothing but love. “I want to do this right, Peter. It’s my first time…”


I nodded. It was mine too.


She turned her head, staring into Gwen’s blank expression. “I’d like to do this right, Gwen.” Mary Jane bit her lip and looked at the floor, apparently she’d given this a lot of thought. “I want someone here who’s done this before.” Slowly she turned her head to me, “If its okay with you?”


I was dumbfounded. “Are you sure?”


All MJ did was smile. She was sure.


Mary Jane looked back to Gwen. Finally the wild child was silenced. Now it was Gwen’s turn to stare at the carpeting. “I’ve never… You guys are the best friends I ever… could ever have.” She dropped her bundle of clothes. “How can I say “no”?”


* * * * *


Mary Jane kissed me deep and long. Each kiss becoming more intense than the last, it started out small and quickly grew, like an avalanche. My arms pulled her close, one below her for support and the other lost in her flame red hair. Everything about her filled my senses, her touch, her taste, her scent and her warmth…


Gwen entered the room again, carrying a few things. I didn’t really pay attention to what. How could I be expected to? MJ was turning into a dynamo. My hands explored her, she made no attempt to stop me. I felt her chest, round, firm, warm and inviting. Her breath rose and fell. Her nipple hardened, I could feel it through the shirt and bra. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled slightly, not hard, just enough to make me want more. “Love you…” she whispered. God, is there such thing as being a diva your first time out?


Mary Jane’s hands guided off the over-shirt I had on. Her hands felt my chest. A deep moan of contentment erupted from within her, “I love you…” she whispered again. I lifted her shirt and pulled down the cup of her bra. My mouth found her pink perfect nipple. She squealed excitedly as I licked and sucked at it.


The lights shut off. I looked to the door and Gwen stood there illuminated by the candles she had spread around the room. Burning incense filled my nostrils with the scent of a foreign spice whose name I don’t know and probably couldn’t pronounce. Gwen walked around the bed and opened my window. The cool air of late spring hit my back. She pulled the shade down.


MJ nibbled at my ear, her breath sending shivers down my spine. It felt good to have her this close after waiting for so long. Her hands reached behind me and pulled my T-shirt off. Once mine was gone she followed it with hers, her tit half hung out of the white bra. She leaned in and kissed me again. Our tongues played while our bodies pressed together. The cold air on my back was a strange contrast to the heat from MJ. Aroused is too weak a word.


I felt her shift. Her breast brushed the side of my face. I opened my eyes to find Gwen removing MJ’s unfastened bra. MJ offered her breast to me. I gorged on its firmness with my mouth.


Out of the corner of my eye I could see Gwen, opening the borrowed button up shirt and letting it fall to the ground.  She has a fantastic figure. There was not a smidgen of fat on her. The candlelight underscored her muscles, shadows bringing out every firm and feminine bulge. Her breasts are pleasant handfuls, the nipples standing an attention. She stood there watching us in nothing but her green panties.


Gwen saw me looking at her as I suckled on MJ’s tit. She gave me a nervous smile and curled a stray lock of blonde hair behind her ear. Something drew MJ’s attention. She held out a hand to Gwen. Gwen took it and Mary Jane pulled her into me.


I flicked MJ’s nipple with my tongue. She moaned passionately. Gwen kissed my neck, her arms around Mary Jane and me. Someone’s hand was on my chest, I couldn’t tell whose. MJ sucked on my neck. The feeling of both of them on either side was driving me wild, their lips on my skin, their breasts on my chest. A hand unbuttoned my jeans, the zipper ripping down. Another reached inside and fondled my meat. A second hand joined it.


“Oh, God…” Both hands groped, tugged and caressed my rod while licking and nibbling the nerves of my neck. The sensation was indescribably good. Amazing… absolutely fantastic…


“You got a big cock for a little guy, Peter.” I looked at Gwen through half closed eyes. I couldn’t tell if that was a complement or not. She gave me a wicked smile and started kissing my chest, licking her way downward. She pushed MJ’s hand away and pulled my member free of my boxers. I felt her breathing on it. I’ve never been so hard in my life.


Gwen plunged herself down, sucking and licking my shaft. I’ve never felt a pleasure so intense. She pulled down my jeans and shorts, I moaned as her head bobbed up and down on my raging bone. One of my hands found its way into Gwen’s blonde hair, palming the back of her head. My other arm wrapped around Mary Jane as we kissed. I clung to MJ like I was gonna fall of the world. Gwen’s technique was hypnotic, the pace and sensation was overloading my senses.


MJ cupped my balls and whispered into my ear, “Do you like that, tiger? Do you like having your dick sucked?”


“Yes…” I moaned more than spoke.


MJ stood up and removed my pants and boxers. Kneeling in her dungarees, MJ whispered into Gwen’s ear, “…teach me.”


I can barely remember the next span of time. Sweat poured off me as I clenched my bed sheets. Sometimes MJ sucked the head while Gwen licked my shaft. Gwen taught MJ to deep-throat, taking in my entire length and sucking when she drew back. MJ took to it like a champ, going for five minuets straight while Gwen teased my sack with her playful lips. At one point I covered my face with a pillow, smothering a scream of delight. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer.


“Stop… I’m gonna cum…”


MJ let my Johnson pop out of her mouth. “Gwen, I can’t keep going. My jaw is too tired.” That had to be true. Her speech was slightly slurred.


Gwen grabbed my shaft and stroked. “Its okay. Let me show you how to finish him off.” She jerked at the base while suckling on the end. My eyes rolled back into my head, Gwen was sucking so hard. My balls ached for release. Gwen hummed while jerking with her hand and licking with her tongue. I felt the sperm build momentum as my entire body tensed. My hand clamped over the back of her head.


I convulsed as my seed exploded into Gwen’s mouth. I came in torrents. Gwen deepthroats me, not a drop escaped her lips. I lay there, spent. Drenched in my own sweat.


“What’s it like?” MJ asked wide-eyed.


Gwen stood and approached her, tilting Mary Jane’s head back. MJ opened her mouth obediently. Gwen let my cum spill into Mary Jane’s waiting mouth. Gwen stared as MJ rolled it round with her tongue.


“What do you think?”


MJ swallowed. “It’s salty, kind of sticky. I think I could learn to like it.”


“Good.” Gwen stretched her back letting her breasts jut out and took a deep breath.


MJ busied herself by cleaning me off with a discarded shirt.


I just lay there, gasping for air and waiting for my heartbeat to slow to a reasonable level.


Gwen sat on the edge of the bed, watching Mary Jane intently. “What’s next?” MJ asked dropping the shirt.


Gwen reached out and slid her fingers into the waistband of MJ’s jeans and pulled her to her. Gwen kissed and nibbled MJ’s tummy as a shocked look washed over my girlfriend’s face. Gwen looked up, her hazel eyes met MJ’s shocked greens.


“Do you want to play with me?”


I couldn’t move. My arms, legs, and chest felt heavy, too weary to move. I lay there like a fish out of water gasping for air, confused, excited and sacred all at the same time. That was it. Mary Jane and Gwen had just gone down on ‘little Peter’ and I came. Came like a rocket. That was my first orgasm (that I didn’t handle myself), and now I couldn’t move if I wanted to.


It’s so weird. I didn’t even really ‘do’ anything. I just sat there while MJ and Gwen did all the work and somehow I’m completely spent. Not that I’m really complaining mind you. For once, life was good. The best part was it looked like its gonna get even better.


I’d seen naked women before. I have cable TV. I’m on the Internet. But this was totally different. This was real. This was here. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t close my eyes for fear that it was all a dream.


Not three feet away Mary Jane Watson stood topless. The candlelight cast shadows over her body, highlighting every feminine curve of her sexy figure. Her tits were so perfect and round. The rosy red nipples matched her full lips and flame red hair. Her face was positively angelic. MJ is absolutely stunning, the only thing that marred her perfection was the look of confusion on her face.


The source of that confusion sat on the bed in front of her. Gwen Stacy had stripped down to her lime green panties. Her fingers played along the hem of my girlfriend’s jeans. Her blonde hair hung halfway down her back, it had an amber glow in the soft light. Gwen was thinner than MJ. Her body was kind of built taller and leaner but every bit as sexy in its own way. Her booty was nice. Her breasts were cute, perky and they seemed to smile at me. Gwen’s best asset however was her attitude. She was willing to teach… willing to lead…


“So how about it MJ?” Gwen didn’t ask, she offered. “Me and you for a little bit? Just till Peter’s ready for a second round.”


MJ looked at the floor again, “Gwen I’m not a…”


 “I didn’t say you were. Neither am I.” Gwen cut her off and stood up. She kept her hands on MJ jeans and pulled her close.  “I’m not in love with you or anything. This isn’t about that.” Gwen gently caressed Mary Jane’s cheek. “You’re my friend.” Her fingertips traced down MJ’s elegant neck. “I care about you.” Gwen’s delicate touch found MJ’s chest. Mary Jane didn’t push her away. She didn’t seem to encourage it either. “I just want to make you feel good.”


MJ’s mouth hung open, eyes closed. She was lost in the sensation of Gwen massaging her tit. Gwen kissed her on the sweet spot (where the neck meets the collarbone). Mary Jane made a weird gasping noise, it was like shock and pleasure blended together. She was standing very straight. Her hands balled into little fists and hung stiffly at her side. I have seen that look on kids when they went on a roller coaster for the first time, all excited and scared. It’s weird. I felt a little weird myself, watching Gwen feel up my girlfriend. It took me four months to get to second base with Mary Jane. Gwen did it in less then two hours.


Gwen stopped and looked MJ in the eye. “Listen, its cool if you want to stop.”


MJ smiled nervously, “No. It feels good. I’m just…”


Gwen smiled back. It disarmed MJ. “I’m not gonna tell anybody at school or anything like that. It’ll never leave this room.” Blonde hair flew as she turned her gaze to me, “Right Peter?”


What else was I gonna do? I nodded, “Never leave the room.” I put two fingers in the air. “Scout’s honor.” MJ chuckled, relaxing a little bit more.


Gwen reached out and held Mary Jane by the waist. “Anytime you want to stop, just tell me. Okay?”


MJ nodded. “Okay.”


Gwen gave one of her signature smirks, “Are you sure you’re cool with this? I’m not like pressuring you or anything, right.”


“No,” MJ looked at me, “Peter…?”


“Whatever you want MJ, its cool with me either way.” That was sort of the truth. I’m a firm believer that you can’t always get you want (my apologies Mick Jagger.)


Wait a minute…

Fuck you Mick Jagger! You do this kind of kinky shit all the time! You’ve never saved a city. It’s my turn damn it! (Sorry, I’ll get back to the story now…)


MJ licked her lips and looked at Gwen. “I’m cool with it if Peter is.”


A ten-mile smile splashed across Gwen’s face. “We’re cool…” Her little hands cupped the sides of MJ’s face, “You’re really hot…” Gwen tilted her head to the side and guided MJ’s face forward. Their lips met. It started off soft, at first barely a touch. After a moment, Gwen kissed… once… twice…


MJ responded well, her lips pressing back. MJ and Gwen began to kiss in time, each lasting a little bit longer than the last. Gwen’s hands ran through MJ’s scarlet hair, her fingers interlocked behind her neck. Gwen pulled out the elastic that held MJ’s ponytail in place. Red hair flowed freely down her bare back.


I propped my head up and stared. This was frickin’ awesome.


Gwen’s lips parted, and she tasted Mary Jane’s lips. MJ smiled, opening her mouth. Gwen eagerly pressed forward, invading MJ. Their tongues tumbled around each other playfully. Gwen was really into it, sucking MJ’s breath into her lungs. MJ still seemed a little pensive.


Gwen broke off the kiss. “How was that?”


“Different.” MJ grinned shyly.


“Is that bad?”


“No,” MJ apologized. “I think I liked it.”


Gwen lifted MJ’s chin, forcing her to make eye contact, “Are your hands alright?”


“Yeah?” MJ answered with confusion in her voice.


Gwen gave her a dirty wink, “So put ‘em on me.”


They kissed again. Gwen had one hand on MJ’s neck and the other on her lower back. MJ unclenched her sweaty fists, nervously placing her palms on Gwen’s hips. Gwen tilted her head to the side. MJ did the same. Their kissing became much more intense. MJ got into it, kissing her back just as deeply as she got. Her hands roamed up and down the length of Gwen’s spine. Gwen hugged her tightly, crushing their naked breasts together.


“Hhhhhmmmmm…” I couldn’t tell which one made the contented/yummy noise. Maybe both.


Gwen kept kissing and licking, teasing Mary Jane to do the same. MJ resisted. Gwen tried a little harder, probing into MJ’s mouth. It was a ruse. MJ sucked on Gwen’s tongue, neck rocking back and forth like when she gave me head. Gwen loved it, sticking her tongue out farther so MJ has more to stroke. Mary Jane’s hands slowly crept under Gwen’s green panties and caressed her ass.


MJ and Gwen French kissed in the candlelight. All the hesitation was gone. I might as well not be in the room.


Gwen sighed lustily, her fingers fumbling with MJ’s belt. Careful not to break the kiss, Gwen unbuckled it and ripped open the fly. Gwen pushed down but the jeans got caught on MJ’s hips.


“Damn it,” she said, pulling her head back to see what was wrong.


Mary Jane had an odd expression on her face, excited yet aloof. Must’ve been some kind of serenity of lust. She placed her hands over top of Gwen’s, helping her guide the obstructing clothing to the floor. Mary Jane stepped out. The only thing left on her fantastic body was a pair of plain white cotton panties.


Gwen and MJ explored each other with their hands and their eyes. Mary Jane showed no restraint whatsoever. She fondled Gwen’s tits like they where a new toy. Gwen returned the favor, cupping a pink breast in one hand and cotton covered cheek in the other. They sure liked to kiss a lot.


Gwen broke off, looking at MJ with her half-closed amber eyes. Her speech was slurred like she had a few too many, “You’re a really good kisser, MJ.”


“Thanks,” Mary Jane responded half-laughing. “I’ve never kissed a girl before.” She took a long breath and checked out Gwen again. “You have a great body.”


Gwen blushed from head to toe. She turned pink in MJ’s arms, “Not compared to yours.”


She suckled on my girlfriend’s neck. MJ stretched her head to the side, giving Gwen total access. One of her hands disappeared between them. MJ moaned her appreciation. Gwen worked her way up the neck with little nips, more bite than kiss. MJ totally loved it. I could tell by the way her nails dug into Gwen’s back.


Gwen tongued Mary Jane’s ear. She was whispering something but it was said too softly for me to hear. Must’ve been something dirty with the way she was grinning about it. Gwen circled around, caressing her lightly with her fingertips. MJ made no attempt to stop her, following with her eyes only.


Gwen disappeared behind MJ. I couldn’t see what she was doing. It wasn’t like I was trying too hard either. Mary Jane Watson topless is more than enough of a distraction. She starred at me with a look I’d never seen before. She licked her bottom lip.


Suddenly Gwen popped around her and my world went green. I picked the underwear off of my face as Gwen laughed hysterically.  I played with the elastic in an attempt to fire it back but she ducked behind Mary Jane. I was more than willing to wait her out. I heard her giggle behind MJ.


The mood shifted as Gwen slipped her thumbs into the sides of MJ’s panties. Mary Jane covered her sex with her hands as Gwen slowly pulled the cotton panties to the floor. MJ looked strange. All of a sudden she was young and uncomfortable with the situation. I couldn’t tell what was wrong. Was it the fact that I was watching? Was it Gwen? She seemed scared, standing there with her hands folded over her pussy. Maybe it was time to put a stop to this.


I opened my mouth to speak when MJ grew an extra set of hands. I blinked. Gwen stood behind MJ. She’d put her arms under Mary Jane’s and fondled her breasts. MJ blushed, hands not moving from their protective placement. Gwen played freely, massaging in small circles and tweaking her nipples. Mary Jane’s sea-green eyes closed. Gwen kissed the back of her neck, sucking and biting at the sensitive skin.

MJ’s head lolled backward. Gwen worked her way around to the side, licking, sucking and biting the expanse from ear to shoulder. Gwen’s left hand began to move south, down Mary Jane’s chest and tummy.


“Oh God…” Mary Jane mumbled.


Mary Jane’s head snapped up, her expression was a serious as I’d ever seen it. She gazed at me with her deep green eyes. Her face flushed red with anticipation. Her lips wordlessly mouthed “I love you”.


I was too stunned to answer.


She looked away and inhaled sharply as Gwen made contact with her clitoris. Mary Jane bent over, trying to keep sole possession of Gwen’s hand. I could hear her fingers ruffling through MJ’s pubic hair. Gwen grabbed her roughly by the tit and pulled her upright. Gwen clutched MJ’s breast, strummed her clit and bit her trapezius (that’s the thingy that connects you neck to your shoulder, I am such a geek). MJ’s eyes shut tight, teeth clenched against the mix pleasure and pain. MJ reached back and grabbed Gwen by the hair. She yanked Gwen off her neck and held her painfully by the hair. She twisted her grip, forcing Gwen to look at her. MJ shoved her tongue down Gwen’s throat. Hungrily they kissed. Gwen squeezed the tit and rubbed the clit. She abandoned the one finger strum and stroked with the length of her hand. MJ moaned lustily, the sound was muffled by its interaction with Gwen’s tongue. MJ’s skin turned pink, her nipples stood erect and she ground her sex against Gwen’s hand. Mary Jane was so excited I could smell her. Gwen kissed, fondled and groped. Mary Jane turned a deeper shade of red.


Gwen finally broke the kiss. Mary Jane tried to continue, reaching out with her open mouth. Gwen kept her at bay by pressing her forehead against MJ’s.


“Kiss me…” Mary Jane pleaded in a husky voice.


“No…” Gwen teased, grinning wide.


On the down stroke, Gwen slid her middle finger between MJ’s swollen lips. Mary Jane just stopped. She didn’t breath, she didn’t move. Gwen continued to stroke her clit and probe inside, straining to hit her g-spot. Mary Jane trembled.


“Do you like that?” Gwen asked, a devilish smile on her pretty mouth. “Do you like feeling me inside you?”


“Yes.” Mary Jane seethed. Want burned into need. “Kiss me?”


“Okay.” Gwen spun her around and grabbed her by the shoulders. Instead of pulling her in for a kiss, Gwen shoved her to the bed. I rolled out of the way. Mary Jane bounced, breasts jiggling as she settled on her back. Gwen slapped her thighs until Mary Jane opened her legs. “Time for your kiss, Mary Jane.” Gwen smirked and lowered herself into position, “pucker up, baby.”


Gwen dove in, licking and sucking Mary Jane’s pussy. MJ writhed uncontrollably, pulling off the bedspread in her white knuckled grip. Mary Jane grunted in time with Gwen’s thrusting fingers and lapping tongue. MJ sat halfway up, the strain of mounting climax twisted her features. Mary Jane’s breath grew shallow, as Gwen intensified her actions. Mary Jane reached out and grabbed Gwen by the hair, forcing her deeper into her ultra-stimulated snatch.


Gwen swatted the hand away and pulled back. Mary Jane’s passionate pants turned into little yelps of disappointed anguish. She was so close. Gwen sat there and watched MJ as she licked her juices off her fingers.


Gwen turned to me, Mary Jane’s come dribbling down her chin. “I think she’s ready for you now, Peter.”


“Peter…” Mary Jane moaned.


I hovered over her, the tip of my rock-hard cock brushing against her dripping sex. This was it. This was the moment I was waiting my whole life for. She’s the perfect girl. The perfect moment…


“Peter…” Mary Jane’s plead brought me back to the present.


I pushed. She was wet, slick with anticipation. I’m trying to ease it in but she’s so tight. I don’t want to force it. The last thing I want to do is hurt Mary Jane. She yelps as I stop about half way in. “I’m sorry. I…”


Mary Jane shut her eyes, scrunching her face into a mask of pain. “Do it,” she gasps.


“I don’t want to hurt you MJ.”


I’d totally forgotten about Gwen. “Do her, Parker!”


Gwen shoved downwards on my back. I brace my arms but her weight drives me forward, spearing Mary Jane. Her eyes shoot open and she cries out as my bone gets buried inside her. 


“Gwen!” I scream, furious with her for injuring MJ. I turn my head and see Gwen with her hand over her mouth like she’s realized what a mistake she’d made. “What the hell were you thinking Gwen?” I’m mad enough to knock her into next week. Slowly I pull out, trying not to hurt Mary Jane any further. MJ’s hands stop me by grabbing my butt.


“No, don’t stop Peter.” She looks at me strangely, a mixture of pain and love. “It’s big and it hurts, but it kinda feels good too.” Her face strains a little more as she shifts her hips, spreading a little wider. “Keep going.”


MJ shudders as my prick goes forward. I lean in and kiss her. She wraps her arms around me, pulling me closer, taking me deeper inside. She groans with every trust. It doesn’t sound entirely like pain. It’s a grunt of effort. The warmth, wet and tightness around my cock is so stimulating. The scent of her hair, her sweat, her excitement, the taste of her kiss, the softness of her skin, everything about Mary Jane is arousing, sexy, erotic. I get lost in the totality of her.


My body is beyond my control. I don’t even realize what’s going on. Slow and steady I thrust in and out of her. The more we do it the easier it gets. It’s so strange and new, it’s hard to describe. All I know is I want more of her than I even have before. I pick up the pace a little bit. She squeals a squeal somewhere between pain and delight. She stares at me as I pound faster, I feel her nails dig into my back. She pulls me into a series of kisses in pace with my thrust. Now that I have her I want her even more.


“It’s good…” she whispers, sweat trailing down the side of her face. “More…”


MJ holds me tighter and bites my shoulder. I feel her entire body tense. Her muscles clamp down on my cock. I had no way of knowing Gwen put her this close; that MJ would come this quickly. Its too late, I can’t stop. MJ trembles, she bites harder. Her nails scrape down the skin of my back. The pain urges me on. I thrust harder, quicker. She grunts with every plunge. I feel her cunt quiver around me.


“Oh GOD! Peter!” She’s screaming so loud, I’m scared the neighbors will hear. “I’m coming!”


“Unnhhh…” is all I can blurt out.


MJ writhes, her eyes flutter and I feel her pussy milking my cock. She sucks in air, out comes a high pitched titter. It’s not loud, some bizarre mix of pain and laughter, low volume and high frequency. Her toes curl. She tries to sit up into my chest. I thrust once more. Mary Jane convulses.


She falls to the mattress, spent. Sweat pours off her, she’s hot to the touch. I pull out and lie next to her. We don’t say anything, just holding each other. What really was there to say? She trembles with little aftershocks.


After a few minuets she finally opens her gorgeous eyes. “I love you.” She mouths wordlessly. I answer her with a kiss.


“Peter?” She whispers like she’s not sure of the words. “Did you come?”  She had a weird little smirk on her face. “You still got a boner.”


“No,” I can’t help but be a little embarrassed. “Its okay…”


“You should.” Mary Jane runs her fingers through my hair while kissing me softly. She rolls me over, kissing my neck and stroking me with her hand. She whispers into my ear, “Look over at your desk.”

I peek through half closed eyes. Gwen is sitting on my swivel chair. She’s turned towards us. Gwen has her legs spread, her fingers playing with herself at a feverish pace. Her eyes are closed, head lolled back. I don’t even think she knows we’re in the room anymore.


“I see her…”


I swallow the growing lump in my throat. My cock throbs. I’ve just had sex with MJ but here I am… wanting Gwen. Wanting to touch her where her fingers are touching her. I want to be inside her. I want to feel her body come. The guilt is tearing me up/


“Peter, I…” MJ whispered extra quiet. I could barely hear her but it sounded like. “…I want you to fuck, Gwen.”


I looked at her eyes she was deadly serious. Gwen quietly moans not four feet away. “Are you crazy?”


MJ looks at me with her big green eyes. Her face has no expression. “I wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for her. She’s right. We should have done this a long time ago.”  MJ gets a little smirk. “Besides, I’d rather have you do it here in front of me than sneaking around behind my back.”


I would never do that! She knows it too! Before I get the chance to object Mary Jane’s rolled off the bed and onto the floor, face in between the thighs of a shocked Gwen Stacy. Gwen’s shock melts into a smile. Her amber eyes become slits as MJ tastes her pussy.


“Oh… shit…” Gwen groans while petting the redhead in her lap. “You scared me.”


Mary Jane doesn’t respond in words. Her tongue is busy. Gwen leans back into the swivel chair and gasps.


The bed is cold without MJ’s naked body. I watch her squatting in front of Gwen. My eyes are drawn to the shape of her bottom. Her skin is so pale but it looks so solid. My erection throbs at the thought of being behind her. Its almost painful, my cock reminds me of its need. Gwen gasps again, a little louder then last time. Indecision is eating me up. Should I put it in Mary Jane or try for Gwen’s mouth?


 I never get the chance to choose. Suddenly MJ rears back and lunges upward and forward. She grabs Gwen by the tits and shoves her tongue roughly into the blonde’s mouth.  Gwen sinks into the chair as MJ mounts her, my girlfriend crouches on the chair, her feet under Gwen’s thighs, keeping her legs spread.


I find myself staring at Gwen’s cunt. Her little tuft of blonde hair glistens in the light. Her sex drips with excitement. Gwen’s lips and clit are flushed red. I can smell her from here.


MJ’s hand blocks my view. I watch her touch Gwen and Gwen’s reaction. I can’t take it any more.


In a second I’m off the bed and behind Mary Jane. Grabbing the arms of the chair and jutting my cock under her ass, MJ takes my meat and lines it up. I can feel Gwen shudder with anticipation. I trust. Gwen’s tight pussy is so slick; I plunge in with little effort.


Something is wrong. I hear a muffled cry from under MJ. Mary Jane hops off the side of the chair. Tears pour down the side of Gwen’s cheeks. Her face is a twisted mix of shock and pain.


“Gwen… are you?” MJ asks with fear in her voice.


Gwen chokes back a sob.


“I’m sorry…” I apologize not knowing what exactly went wrong, “Are you okay?” Gwen shudders and sobs, I start to pull out.


Looking down I see blood covering my crotch. “Oh my God!” I’d done something to her. Did I loose control of my strength? Did I rupture something in her? “MJ call 911!” I cry, trying to take control of the situation.


Mary Jane stares at me blankly. “Peter… I… You…” She gently lays a hand on my shoulder. “Just go get cleaned up.”


I look at her with disbelief. “Gwen’s injured and you think I’m worried about making a mess? This whole situation was a stupid idea and you stare at me like I’m the idiot. Gwen could be bleeding to death right now and…”


MJ puts her hand over my mouth. I’ve only seen her this serious once, and that was when she told me she loved me for the first time. “Peter, its not what you think.” Her expression softened. “She’s alright. Just go get cleaned up. I’ll take care of Gwen.”


* * * * *


I’ve been sent out of my room.

I’ve never heard of anyone being sent out of his or her room.

I’ve been sent to my room plenty of times, but never out of it. 


Ten minuets later I’m standing in the kitchen in my boxer shorts and T-shirt just incase Aunt May gets home early. That would be a real topper to this up-and-down day, getting caught naked in the kitchen.


After a minuet to collect myself I’d realized what happened. Gwen lied. She was a virgin.


Well Gwen didn’t lie per se… Mary Jane thought she was experienced, but Gwen had never denied it. She lied by omission, but why? What made her feel like she had to do that? If she lied about a little thing like that what else had she…


I take two steps up the wall and look over top of the fridge. There it was. Aunt May’s cookie tin. My hand shakes a little as I take the bright red tin down from its perch. I hold my breath as I open the lid. Inside are a collection of coupons, and envelope with eighty bucks in cash, and a memorial pamphlet from my parent’s funeral. Tentatively I sniff the air inside it. I smell nothing that resembles the smell of marijuana.


I can’t help but feel a little angry. She lied about being a virgin and about Aunt May smoking pot. Is nothing sacred where Gwen Stacy is concerned? What else has she lied about?


* * * * *


Ten minuets after that were all sitting in the basement. We’re on the couch, MJ sitting between me and Gwen. I’m still a little angry with her, but Gwen’s eyes are red from all the crying she’s been doing. I can’t be mad at her when she’s this angry with herself.


“I’m sorry…” Gwen starts, her face red from crying or embarrassment. “I lied to you Peter. You and you Aunt have been great to me, especially since…”


Since her father died.


“I shouldn’t have lied to you guys. It’s just… I’ve been doing it for so long.” Gwen tries to look at me. Her Amber eyes sink to the floor. “I’ve always been a little rebellious. I’ve done a lot of things just for ‘shock value’. I used to do it to get my fathers attention. He ways always so about being a cop 24/7 that he’d forget he had a daughter.” Gwen chokes back a sniffle. “I used to get in trouble but I didn’t want to be punished, ya know? My Dad was always strict, so when I got it I got it bad. Then he’d just go back to ignoring me till I did something else. I’d lie to get out of trouble. Then I’d lie to get attention and now…” She looks both me and Mary Jane in the face before continuing. “Now I just lie to get my way.”


I can’t be mad at her. This night has been incredible (except for the pot smoking thing). I just want to be alone with MJ, but Gwen is finally opening up.


“I’m sorry you guys.” Gwen looks to us for approval. “I’m not gonna lie to you two anymore.”


Mary Jane gives her a hug. I get a semi. Sex is weird like that. I just want it more now that I’ve had it. I hope MJ’s up to the task.


“Its okay Gwen, we forgive you. Right Peter?”


“Sure.” I say trying to find a way to leave this ugly incident behind us. “As long as we get to try this threesome thing again…”


* * * * *


“You are so full of shit Spidey. None of that happened.”


We’re hanging out at our usual place, the observation deck of the Empire State Building. It’s the quietest place in the world after it closes at midnight. That’s the reason me and Johnny use it as a meeting place… every Thursday… after watching wrestling on cable. I am such a geek.


“You really take it web-head.” Johnny’s voice is halfway between anger and hysterics. “I ask you “How’s your week been?” and you come up with this cockamamie bullshit “Penthouse Letters” story?” He breaks down into direct laughter. “You need a girlfriend. Bad.”


As much as I’d love to throw Johnny off a building, it wouldn’t do much good. He’s in the mood for the giggles and the Human Torch isn’t one to obey gravity anyway.


“Fine, fine, fine. Have it your way, but that’s the last time I ever tell you anything about my love life.”


Johnny snorts. “No its okay dude. I totally believe you.”


“You do?”


“Oh yeah. It’s happened to me.” I turn away without looking at him as he chuckles. “No really, me this chick Crystal and her sister got it on in this hidden city in the Himalayans…”   


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Spiderman Hentai Story: "Ultimate threesome"

It’s the little things in life that you have to appreciate. Uncle Ben taught me that. He taught me a lot, a lot about responsibility, a lot about life. One of those lessons was “Sometimes, you have to be irresponsible. It keeps the rest in perspective.”

Contradict yourself often, big guy?

* * * * *

So there we were. Gwen, MJ and me, finally friends again.

Gwen back dove onto my bed, ten-mile smile on her face, “And now that I know I’m like- “Oh, now I get it. Now I see why Peter’s such a total flakeball.””

Gwen had just discovered I’m Spider-Man and came to terms with the fact that Spider-Man did not kill her father. I just wish she could’ve done it without pointing a gun in my face. And she calls me a flakeball? Still she has a point, “Exactly.”

MJ sat on the edge of my bed, a mischievous smile on her relieved face. “He was like this before.”

“No before I was a dork… Now I’m mysterious.”

“Yeah, whatever.” MJ quipped. I’m sure that to her I’m an open book. You can’t hide much from the girl who sows your tights.

For once I lay back and relax, thinking about how lucky I am. I’m alive. MJ loves me. Gwen doesn’t want to kill me anymore. Even Aunt May has been lightening up a little bit.

Gwen folds her arms behind her head, talking at the ceiling. “Your such a good guy, Peter. I swear to God. I don’t know how you can possibly put up with half the crap of what you do.”

“I need a psychiatrist.”

Gwen chuckles a little, “No. I need a psychiatrist.”

MJ leaned back, resting her head on my stomach. “I Continue reading

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Spider Man Porn Story: "Ultimate threesome continued"

By the time I was capable of standing, Gwen had on her panties and the button up shirt that MJ ditched before. She let it hang open in the front, showing off her abs and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. MJ turned the radio down. Thank God, the lack of oxygen in my brain was giving me enough of a headache. I didn’t need Jessica Simpson helping it out.

“Okay, I got a case of the munchies. You guys want anything?” Gwen asked, heading for the door.


“Cool.” Gwen left, closing the door behind her.

MJ basically jumped in my lap. “Oh my God! That was so funny!”

“Yeah, that was pretty good.” I agreed but I didn’t like the show for same reason that she did.

“You don’t sound very convinced.”

“What? I’m a red-blooded American boy, having a girl strip in my bedroom has been one of my fantasies since I started puberty.” That one got a chuckle out of MJ.

“No, seriously Peter. What did you think?”

“I’m not a dance critic, MJ.”

“No. I mean…” Oh boy, she was doing her ‘swallow and look at the floor’ thing. That always meant deep thoughts. Finally she looked up at me with her big green eyes, “I mean do you think she’s sexy?”

Ut-oh… how do you answer this one and not get in trouble?

“Peter, I just want to Continue reading

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Sexual Symbiosis #02 porn comics

Ultimate Spiderman Sex PicsUltimate Spiderman Sex Pics Continue reading

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Mary Jane Watson will become new Harley Queen?

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Hentai Picture: Mary Jane Watson will become new Harley Queen?
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